Clamping bands for gas powered vehicles

Supplier: HYDAC International
24 February, 2012

The increase in environmental pollution is necessitating alternative fuels for vehicles.

One of the possibilities is natural gas. This requires new forms of energy storage which in the case of natural gas takes the form of gas bottles with an internal pressure of up to 200 bar.

To comply with legal requirements, these must be mounted correctly, and the design must be based on ECE-R110 for OEMs and ECE-R115 for Retrofits.

The swivel bolt clamping bands from HYDAC Accessories provide the ideal solution for this application.

The flexible stainless steel band in conjunction with the patented quick release bolt and its user-friendly mounting bolt is designed to compensate for tolerances inherent in gas bottle manufacture.

An environmentally-friendly support in synthetic material and rubber is used to provide insulation and support for components which might otherwise cause friction between the band and the bottle.

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