Clean diesel oil - is it possible?

Supplier: Cost Effective Maintenance By: Brid Walker
25 July, 2016

The answer is yes, your engine oil can stay clean after 1000's of kilometres by using the correct products.

At Cost Effective Maintenance we practice what we preach… and part of that is keeping our vehicles much longer than normal. This allows us to demonstrate the real potential for improved reliability and exceptionally long service life for engines, transmissions, diffs, power steering, and more.

Duncan, my trusty 2007 Land Rover Defender has just clocked 300,000kms after completing an 11,000km outback trip. I see no reason why it won't get me to 500,000km and beyond.

On our trip from Brisbane to WA's Kimberley Ranges and back, we travelled some very dusty and badly corrugated tracks over the 5 weeks. From a maintenance aspect, this would be categorized as "severe duty"!

I think you'll agree that it's very clean diesel oil considering the amount of kilometres and the age of the engine. But the important thing is that most people can achieve that too! And it's really very simple. These are the two basic steps…

  1. Never put clean oil into a dirty engine. Well before 300,000kms, most diesel engines will have a fair bit of sludge lying around which the fresh oil picks up. Remove this using an engine oil flush capable of handling tough persistent sludge and hard baked on carbon. Our Flushing Oil Concentrate achieves this. If you can find another product as good go for it, but most commercial flushes simply aren't up to it.

  2. Keep your fuel pump and injectors absolutely clean and well lubricated to maintain an excellent spray pattern and fuel metering. Doing this minimizes combustion soot and keeps your oil cleaner for longer. Our CRD Fuel Enhancer achieves this and delivers market leading performance.

So now, when someone tells you that all diesel oil is black, or it's normal for your oil to go black as soon as it's changed, don't believe them (read more about black oil here).

You now know better – clean diesel oil is achievable!

Changed oil and its still black?