Competitor Comparisons

Supplier: Static Power By: Robert Heezeman (Static Power Pty Ltd)
08 February, 2017

Today our mature, proven range of ‘Static Transfer Switches’ stand alone in the market in respect to range and features. We specialise only in design and manufacture of Static Transfer Switches.

From our previous experience in the critical power (UPS) industry we already had exposure to Static Transfer Switches, their functional requirement etc. and thus already had good fundamental understanding. We looked and we saw and we believed that we could do it better than the players that were in the market.

15 years ago and even yesterday we look at our competitors' products to see how they do things and what they had and did not have or do. We test their limits, strengths and weaknesses. We looked in detail at the our competitors.

We took all of the positives and re-engineered all of the negatives and came up with our design objectives from which we engineered our range of products. These products are smaller than our competitors, are fully digital, have larger safety margins, have as standard; High Level Remote Monitoring (via LAN and RTU) for remote and local interrogation. Every parameter is digital and is user settable for both manual and auto transfers (2 sets of parameters for each variable). And yes comply with all the relevant local and international standards for STS.

So in general our units are:

  1. Established, proven, reliable, stable, mature product range that covers whole product range
  2. Common series of electronics and features throughout the whole product range
  3. Smaller footprint and high capacity than our competitors (Highest capacity in rack mount) 
  4. Have a Mechanically interlocked Maintenance bypass & isolation facility*
  5. 1U static solution vs inferior relay type
  6. Employ Hot Socket replaceable Power Module *
  7. Integrated local self test and diagnostics facility
  8. All parameters are fully settable by the user ( password protected)*
  9. Synchronous and Asynchronous transfers allowed (adaptive transfers undertaken for use with transformers)
  10. Full real time easy to interpret control panels (monochrome, colour LCD and LED Decal offerings)
  11. Generous over rating of components (to provide additional ruggedness)
  12. No reliance on microprocessors for control (Segregated functionality, no single point of failure)
  13. Transfer functions controlled via hard coded logic engine, it’s faster and more reliable
  14. Employ Digital Signal processing for more reliable, accurate and flexible monitoring.
  15. Have High Level Interfaces (Modbus, JBus, SNMP, WebServer, Email Alert, NTP time synchronization)
  16. Built in Redundancy for each dual path (including triple redundant power supplies)
  17. Remote status indication and remote control functionality (via discrete inputs and outputs or via HLI)
  18. Industrial, extended temperature operation and IP rated options available
  19. Single phase and or 3 phase in all Models and formats, (rack mount, wall mount and free standing)
  20. 1, 2, 3, and 4 pole single and three phase units
  21. Voltage range 85 to 277 single phase and (150 to 480 three phase) and 50/60Hz (auto select)
  22. UPS Eco mode compatible

There’s nothing to compare our product with. Our product is unique in its design and implementation. 
Don’t to compare our products with an inferior product. You can always get a cheaper product,  these systems are unreliable and have inherent flaws – but cheaper.

When we save you from an outage our STS will cost you nothing in comparison.