Dust control modules from BAC

Acknowledging the need for dust control in all major industries, BAC Systems has developed an entirely original range of dust control modules.

The invasion of dust and other contaminants requires adequate management in many industries such as the mining sector to prevent damage to costly equipment.

BAC Dust Control drawers are a refined solution to the complex dust management problem. Each drawer acts as a fully-enclosed cubicle for the storage of small to medium items, with a sturdy rubber seal that is only broken upon opening. The protective metal shield is retained in the drawers and is replaced when the drawer is closed to protect its contents. Combined with custom-designed gliders for ease of use, these features allow the luxury of one-step access to items at the simple touch of a fingertip.

A BAC Dust Control Storage Module is a fully self-contained storage unit and is able to be easily relocated without the need to unload the stock stored within. This storage module is the building block of a truly modern high-density warehouse. These modules can be combined into long rows and are also stackable, fully utilising all available space, both horizontally and vertically.

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