Giant Inflatables Industrial Shelters, Workshops & Blast Booths

Supplier: Giant Inflatables Industrial
14 September, 2016

Giant Inflatables Industrial has been operating in Australia for the last 18 years. We specialise in portable, and temporary inflatable shelters, workshops and blast booth.

As a locally based company with a modern design, service and production facility, we offer our clients face to face engagement, rapid turn around and 24/7 responses. We are committed to delivering a cost effective, reliable and well managed professional service.

We understand that our clients all require that their investment will guarantee a safe, well-engineered, durable, efficient and long lasting product.

All our inflatable shelters, inflatable workshops and inflatable blast booths are designed as a cost and labour effective alternative to old and conventional ridged structures.

To meet the demands of a modern economy with reduced turnaround times and tight budgets, inflatable technologies are now accepted as the modern and smart alternative. Inflatable shelters in all their forms offer numerous advantages over conventional temporary shelter systems.

Typically, OH&S requirements for operations on site strictly require that all works on site are covered by enclosures that contain and manage toxic and environmentally contaminating materials used in site services. The typical types of operation requiring compliance with OH&S are media blasting, surface preparation and cleaning & decontamination of equipment and vehicles. In addition, portable, inflatable workshops, temporary warehouses and site offices offer a temporary and quickly deployable space that is environmentally controlled which is accessible around the clock and operates in all weather conditions

Our, often customized and tailor made, inflatable industrial products are used by many multinational, corporate and government organizations as well as savvy operators requiring low maintenance and logistically simple portable solutions that reduce their labour and capital costs and increase their operational footprint.

Our clients include: Siemens, Blackwoods Shevron, Bluescope, Cubic Defence, Queensland Air Rescue, Fonterra, Graincorp, Oman Oil refineries, Visy, Fulton Hogan, and many more.

Common uses:  Our industrial shelters are to enable operators to offer shelters in the field away from base. Mostly they replace conversional technologies of ridged temporary structures that are difficult to get to site, heavy and labour intensive to set up and pack down, and cumbersome when not in use