Introducing iSTS: Intelligent Static Transfer Switches by Static Power

Supplier: Static Power
28 January, 2019

Watch our short video for an overview of the iSTS - Intelligent Static Transfer Switch product range.

Our range of state-of-the-art Intelligent Static Transfer Switches, iSTS, comprises of rack mount, wall mount and free standing STS, ranging from 16 Ampere to in excess of 2500 Ampere capacity. iSTS perform fast switching of a critical load between two power sources to ensure reliable continuous power during source transfers.

iSTS Static Transfer Switches are fully featured and designed to meet the challenges of managing and protecting critical power:

  •  Automatic switching to protect critical loads from power failures and power degradation.
  •  Fastest known switching technology utilising SCRs (silicon controlled rectifiers) for seamless switching.
  •  Easy to use onboard interfaces and High Level Interfaces for remote control and monitoring.
  •  Full manual control over switching.
  •  Fully digital system with all parametres field settable and password protected.
  •  Hot socket field replaceable modules.
  •  Global compatibility with 50 / 60 Hz.
  •  Any voltage is field settable.
  •  Space-saving compact footprints.
     Robust hardware for durability.