New Generation Composite Building Materials

Supplier: FireCrunch Australasia Pty Ltd By: FireCrunch Australia
05 December, 2018

Interior / Exterior MgSO4 Cladding eliminates steel corrosion, cuts labour and material costs at least 50% in cladding and fire separation walls

High Eco, Low pollutive, helps the Planet

The Chinese Academy of Science released a paper in 2017 showing how experiments with a mix of Portland cement and magnesium sulphate MgSO4, reduces steel reinforcing corrosion by up to 95%. This is no doubt of great interest to the construction industry worldwide, who to date have been forced to use expensive additives to protects steel einforcing in concrete

An Australian company has now introduced a 2nd generation Magnesium Oxide, Oxy-sulphate (MgSO4) building cladding using the same sulphate bonder and other unique IP NATA Accredited labs tested this product to Australian BCA standards AS/1530/4 steel framed walls 1.15 BMT LOAD BEARING 55Kn to FRL 90/90/90 1.5 HOURS, using just 1 x 10mm sheet per side of frame.


What does this mean?

Fire walls to BCA standards are among the least understood requirements by many builders with plaster board manufacturers presenting an overwhelming set of confusing variations and options in Fire Separation walls, single layer, double , triple layer and even up to 6 layers with options in FRL 30 60, 90, 120, etc, requiring further decisions in single, double frames and quiet studs for acoustics Now a new Australian marketed interior exterior cladding product X-Clad and X-Fire fixes it all up on a single 10mm sheet either side of a single or double stud frame, and provides an instant FRL 90/90/90**** (1.5hours) meeting 90% of fire wall requirements and acoustics of Rw 52, well above the BCA, and fast and easy to install. This is major step forward in such construction benefiting the end user ,the developer, the builder and the Planet.


Lowers labour and material costs

But here’s the best part, it, MgSO4 eliminates multiple layers of plaster board and so reduces the material cost and the more important heavy reduction in higher labour cost of fitting up 2 and 3 layers instead of one layer 10mm. X-Fire by FireCrunch FCA competes directly with expensive
cumbersome Hebel and CSR Shaft Liner fire walls where extra plaster board and services cavities are required, is less than half the cost per m2 . Shaft liner and Hebel wide wall ( 300mm) systems robbing the developer of sales/rental / living space are further improved with just 200mm wide walls with Rw62 acoustics using these 10mm MgSO4 X-Clad and X-Fire systems


Increased floor area

Add to this the weight cost of 2 to 3 times transport and crane up, manual site handling and the entire project finishes faster, gets a real boost in returns and better( ROI) Return on Investment, as there is less wall room space taken up, leaving collectively more rental or buyer benefit space, so it’s a win win situation all round.


Low Eco hit and Planet Friendly

Add to that the public perception of products which have a Low Eco hit, compared to Fyrchek and similar paper lined plaster board, requiring the destruction of millions of oxygen generating, Co2 absorbing trees ,just to make, not so cheap, paper lined fire resistant plaster board with these X-FIRE FCA products being only a 5% net contributor of Co2 compared to 100% plaster board on comparative indexing.


Additional benefits of this new special FCA IP composite material

Unlike weak paper lined plaster board :-

  • Won't degrade in water or flooding just clean up and repaint
  • Won't burn at 1000 deg c, or pass fire or flame for over 1.5 hours
  • Meets the maximin Bush fire code BAL FZ homes will not burn down in a Fire Storm CSIRO TESTED
  • Won't allow termites to pass as they JUST CANNOT CONSUME IT, protects expensive timber
  • Won't allow bacteria mould or mildew to form, healthier living environment
  • Surprisingly Inexpensive this 45% waster recovery product is quoted at just $20.00 per m2 plus
    GST in capital cities eastern States