Oil analysis - free assessment

Oil analysis - free assessment
Oil analysis - free assessment

Talk to Clean Oil Services Pty Ltd for a free assessment, and let us show you how we can impact your bottom line by partnering with your maintenance team, regardless of which industry you are in.

Clean Oil Services' publications are intended as a guide only, and are designed to assist the operator in the most basic interpretations of a standard used oil analysis report. There are many other monitoring methods that have not been discussed here which are capable of producing accurate results. There is also a much wider range of tests for specific qualities, which are often required to suit individual operating conditions and specific machines.

The methods adopted by Clean Oil Services P/L have been selected as this combination of methods gives the simplest, most accurate and most reliable tests for monitoring wear metals and oil condition. They combine to give the most comprehensive guide to machine and oil condition in almost any type of unit, be it gearing, turbine, hydraulic or engine and is a 'one system suits all' monitoring system for daily monitoring which has proven accurate and reliable through the broadest range of situations.

As machinery operates under a varying range of conditions, we need to be able to vary the interpretation of our results. It is the final assessment of the report, which is individually interpreted to 'fit' the unit being sampled, which makes this system stand alone from other oil based condition monitoring methods. Our laboratory technicians are constantly striving to become familiar with your machinery so that they are in a position to comment on its operating condition.

Our microscopic system covers the void left by the spectrometer being "blind" to particles beyond the 5-7um maximum size. The microscope lets us look at your oil’s condition and contamination levels, hence we are able to tell if wear metal particles are newly generated or left over from the previous change and we can see the condition of your oil.

In addition to our standard methods, we are able to supply electron microscope scans, which identify the alloys in a particle and allow us to locate the origin of that particle by it’s alloying elements. This process is quite expensive and is only performed in special circumstances and by request.

Ask for a commitment free assessment of your operation and see what difference we can make to your preventative maintenance program.

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