Problems with forklift fumes in your factory?

Supplier: Fallshaw Group
19 August, 2008

Does your business run expensive gas or petrol-powered forklifts? Do you or your staff breathe in dangerous forklift fumes? Are you worried about risks forklifts pose to pedestrians in your workplace?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, the Electrodrive Tug Classic pedestrian operated tow tug could be your solution.

Available in 3.5 and 5 tonne towing capacities, the powerful Tug Classic can move very heavy trolleys through busy internal work areas easily, safely, and quietly, with zero emissions.

Easily — with a simple, intuitive control interface, anyone can use the Tug Classic with less than a few minutes of training. This eliminates the need for certification or licences, immediately expanding the number of people who can move heavy trolleys throughout your facility.

Safely — because it is designed to tow heavy trolleys behind it. Therefore the operator is always in front of the load, in an ergonomic posture, with clear visibility of both pedestrians and obstacles in their path. This massively reduces the risk of injuries and accidents both to the operator and the people around them.

Quietly — with zero emissions. You and your staff are protected from forklift noise and noxious fumes, with the battery operated Tug Classic. At the end of the day, simply recharge the unit overnight, ready for the next day’s work. No need for refuelling.

If you’d like to know more about how a Tug Classic can help you run a safer and more efficient workplace, or would like more information regarding the Electrodrive range of materials handling equipment, please contact us.