Terminal marking for various manufacturers

Supplier: Phoenix Contact
06 November, 2014

The UM1 universal material marking range from Phoenix Contact provides markers for labelling terminal blocks manufactured by Weidmüller, Conta Clip, and Klemsan.

The materials are executed in the shape of a double strip and are comparable to the original material in terms of handling and visual effect.

For precise printing, the material is fixed in magazines. Thanks to the magazine, the user does not need to rely upon a special output device, and instead can use different printing systems from Phoenix Contact, such as the UV-LED Bluemark printer, the Thermomark Card thermal transfer printer or the marking plotter.

The Clip Project marking software is used for data input. The product characteristics of the UM1 materials, with regard to both material and application, are similar to the UCT materials. They exhibit high resistance to wipes and scratches as well as to oils, chemicals, and solvents.