The genuine, heavy duty pump to handle thick sludge or slurry without choking

Supplier: Hydro Innovations By: Hydro Innovations
03 March, 2021

A super heavy-duty, sealless diaphragm pump designed for continuous operation of the most demanding fluids. Whether it be sludge, abrasives, or corrosives, RamParts can pump it!

The RamParts Air Driven Diaphragm pump can handle the toughest of slurry and sludge applications. These pumps are designed to surmount “high-wear” challenges connected with progressive cavity and double diaphragm pumps. Each pump can be easily tailored on-site to each specific application because of the easy independent adjustment of suction and discharge pressures and stroke rate. They are seal-less, can run dry indefinitely, deadhead without damage and self-prime to 6 metres.

Ramparts pumps are available with a wide variety of elastomers for handling abrasive and/or corrosive fluids, and they can pump slurries with up to 70% solids content. Pumps can be lined for more severe applications. Flows to 1200 litres per minute and heads to 65 metres can be achieved. Pumps can also handle solids in suspension [to 63mm dia].


RamParts pumps will transfer anything that can flow in a pipeline such as:

  • Viscous slurries/sludge
  • Abrasive slurries
  • Corrosive slurries
  • Shear sensitive slurries
  • Delicate crystal slurries
  • Slurries with 75% solids


  • Both suction and discharge adjustable
  • Sealless design
  • Solids handling up to 5″ diameter
  • Run dry indefinitely
  • Self-priming to 20 feet
  • Deadhead without damage
  • Minimises particle degradation
  • In-line repairability


A rugged and extra heavy-duty diaphragm pump is said to be the most cost-effective pump to maintain and own.

Ramparts cast iron single acting diaphragm pumps are used on the heaviest duty sludge and slurry applications for municipal, industrial and mining applications.

Ramparts pumps have extra thick pump casings (up to 32mm on their largest pump) and have a variety of diaphragm and valve material to suit the pumping of corrosive and/or abrasive fluids.

There are not many pumps that can handle metal fines, sand, dilute hydrochloric acid, or dilute sulphuric acid. Even fewer that can handle all of them at the same time.

Ramparts pumps can, as they can be fully lined with abrasive and corrosion resistant compounds.

Available linings and elastomeric materials include Nordel (EPDM), Nitrile (Buna N), Neoprene, Viton and ETFE (Fluorinated Polymer), which provide operators with a materials choice to suit the pumping of whatever slurry they need to move.

These pumps are perfect for shear sensitive liquids, clarifier sludge, filter press feed, and the pumping of non-newtonian liquids.

Ramparts diaphragm pumps are often used where helical rotor pumps, rotary lobe pumps, hose pumps or double diaphragm pumps have been traditionally used.

When applications using these styles of pumps become too costly to maintain, Ramparts can provide a solution.

They offer low internal velocities, large open clearances (for the pumping of large solids in suspension), flow-through design (keeping abrasives away from the diaphragm), and low stroke speed (usually 15-30 strokes per minute) to minimise wear rates.

Pumps are available in five sizes from 1½” (38mm) to 6” (150mm), with flow rates from 10L per minute (lpm) through to 1200 lpm, and heads to 65m.

They are available with a variety of controls that allow suction and discharge pressures to be independently calibrated and stroke rates to be tuned to exact flow requirements.