A tool to protect your workers, equipment and reputation

Supplier: PPC - ID Card Printer Solutions
27 February, 2012

Beyond white cards – Your cards.

We don’t need to remind you that safety and ‘zero harm’ are an increasing focus in the construction and mining industries. Companies that have a strong safety record and proactive initiatives to improve safety not only do their duty to protect their workers and the community but often have a clear advantage when tendering for major projects. Government White Cards are just the baseline for site entry. Companies that are serious about taking safety and security to a higher level need to issue their own photo ID cards for all workers. The flexibility of issuing your own cards means you can set your own parameters for who receives them – typically only those who have undergone your own induction and safety training.

Site-specific, project-specific or equipment specific cards allow further control and are a secure system to verify that staff have been properly briefed on safety and other issues. Your photo ID cards can also have a magnetic strip to allow entry to site access gates or to unlock equipment – reinforcing both safety and the security of tools and equipment. The latest PPC card printers make this level of security simple to achieve for construction companies of all sizes. Every site office can now afford to issue photo ID cards. Can you afford not to?

Set your own high safety standards

The flexibility of your own card printing system allows you to adapt cards to your particular needs,
to personalise them with company branding and to use them with other card-reader technology to
automate systems.

Uses include:

  • Verification of company and safety induction
  • Proof of site/project induction
  • Colour coding for trades, skills or area access
  • Identification of different partners’ contractors on a multiple-company site
  • Identification of official site visitors
  • Access to sites and equipment
  • Proof that company control systems have been followed in the event of an accident
  • Record of who is on site at any time.