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Airdraulics | Pump It, Meter It, Dispense It, Lift It


Airdraulics is broken down into four main areas being INDUSTRIAL AIR: (Compressors and Blowers) PUMPING: (Air Operated Diaphragm and Piston and Extrusion Pumps) METERING: (Liquid Flowmeters and associated equipment) and VEHICLE WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT: (All of the above plus hose reels and Truck, Bus and Rail Column lifts and Vehicle Hoists)

Following gives a better summary of these areas.

Offering Atlas Copco Compressors, blowers, boosters, gas generation, blowers and other associated equipment.

Air Operated Diaphragm, Extrusion, Piston, Oil and Grease Pumps from IR ARO INGERSOLL-RAND,and YAMADA Lubrication equipment including Oil and Grease Pumps and 24 Volt Electric Grease pump kits.

Liquid Flowmeters such as Positive displacement, Turbine, Insertion and Mag meters. Various materials and types to suit specific applications and various display options and outputs such as 4-20mA and Scalable pulse outputs, Fuel Burn monitoring and Batch controllers. Brands that we sell and service include FLOMEC, GPI, TRIMEC and MACNAUGHT.

Vehicle Hoists that suit Trucks, Cars and Buses. Brands that include HETRA, POWERREX, MAHA,ROTARY, TECALEMIT and ENDUREQUIP. Hose Reels such as COXREELS and MACNAUGHT along with Oil and grease pumps and accessories from IR ARO, YAMADA and MACNAUGHT.
HETRA mobile truck and bus Hoists, (Column lifts) including Wireless to suit truck, bus and rail applications.

AIRDRAULICS Established 1976 Offering Quality Equipment Solutions and Services for 40 years!

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AIRDRAULICS Established 1976 Offering Quality Equipment Solutions and Services for 40 Years!

We have various brands to achieve the best outcome for your application.

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