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Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia was founded in 2002 in Melbourne and is now one of the fastest growing companies in Australia and New Zealand, distributing and manufacturing sensors, transducers, signal conditioners and test systems for measurement of physical parameters like Leak, Displacement, Tilt, Pressure, Temperature, Strain, Force, Torque, Vibration, Viscosity, Level, Flow, and Material Properties. Bestech Australia also carries a full range of technical teaching equipment and programmes for electrical/electronics, civil, mechanical and chemical engineering as well as automotive and avionics training.

Bestech Australia supplies state of the art instruments from world leading manufacturers, and provides quality customer service. Bestech delivers a wide range of products for university and research laboratories as well as various applications in manufacturing, military, mining, steel, rail, construction, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and water industries.

In addition, Bestech Australia has well trained engineers to provide advice and guidance on specific applications and products selection. We offer full support including repair, maintenance and calibration.

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Bestech Australia has acquired TSE (Technical & Scientific Equipment) and UTTS (Universal Technical Training Services) in the past years along its expansion. Technical & Scientific Equipment has a team of engineers to service the Australian and New Zealand market since 1969. TSE offers in house manufacturing and some of the best brands in the world for scientific & environmental testing. TSE has expertise in leak testing, Package Seal testing, Materials testing equipment for tensile, compression, fatigue, impact & hardness testing, Water & odour analysis, data acquisition force, torque and pressure measurement. UTTS (Universal Technical Training Services) has over 20 years experience in Basic and Advanced Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Training Systems, therefore, Bestech Australia can now offer our clients expanded product range of industrial and educational training and teaching equipment as well as online training programs from world’s leading design and manufacturing companies. The expanded product line includes hydraulic and pneumatic trainers, electronics training systems, demonstrators and simulators, engineering teaching equipment, etc.

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