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Cost Effective Maintenance

Cost Effective Maintenance | Solutions to engine problems

Cost Effective Maintenance

Cost Effective Maintenance was established in 1984 to provide corrective and preventative maintenance, and energy efficiency improvements to vehicles and machinery. We provide greenhouse reductions and diesel efficiencies of 5-8%, and additional production improvements for open cut mining operations. Our customer base extends from large mining houses, road transport, farming and marine to 4x4, passenger car and small engine applications.

Our products enable customers to restore lost engine performance caused by general and severe deposit formations. Preventative maintenance use is recommended for equipment in good condition, and results in superior service life, with performance and driveability improvements. Effective service life of aging engines, transmissions and hydraulics can be extended dramatically. Engine sludge can be easily removed. Sticking piston rings can be freed up, and exhaust smoke reduced.

Our services include specific fuel consumption measurement, investigation into diesel smoke issues, bore polish, high oil soot problems, poor engine life, engine carbon problems.

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Cost Effective Solutions to engine problems.

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