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Embrey Attachments

Embrey Attachments | Grapples, Construction and Demolition Equipment

Embrey Attachments

Embrey Attachments Pty Ltd is the manufacturer and distributor of Embrey equipment products and distributor of Stanley - LaBounty products in Australia.

We manufacture scrap metal and demolition shears, grapples, universal processors, concrete pulverisers, wood shears, aluminium processors, and custom made attachments for processing and handling material in the demolition, scrap, waste, recycling and construction industries.

Embrey Attachments Product Directory:

-Stationary Electric Handlers
-Demolition Shears
-Concrete Pulverisers
-Wood Shears
-Universal Processors
-Scrap Handlers
-Pulpwood Handlers
-Aluminium Processors
-Solid Waste Handlers
-Custom Attachments

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Our Aim is to 'Grapple' with you efficiently.The first LaBounty attachments in Australia were made in 1977, under licence from Roy LaBounty, and in 1984 a partnership of the USA and Australian manufacturing companies was formed – LaBounty Manufacturing Australia, now known as Embrey Attachments Pty Ltd.

Today in Australia our products are manufactured and serviced in an engineering shop of 20,000 sq ft, equipped with 10 tonne overhead cranes and sophisticated flame cutting machines, line boring machines, a 4000 tonne press, a milling machine, large rollers and guillotine all set up specially for manufacturing the Embrey Attachments and Stanley - LaBounty products and any other heavy engineering work that is available.

The manufacturing plant at Pakenham, Victoria, also maintains extensive back up stocks of parts for the Embrey Attachments and Stanley - LaBounty product lines.

Both the American and Australian teams have continued to develop new and better attachments to accommodate the contractor in recycling industries in steel, timber, demolition and aluminium and just about any application posed by the customer.

The Australian designed Aluminium Nibbler is now in use in a host of aluminium processing plants in Australia and overseas.

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