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Fastron Electronics

Fastron Electronics | Power Electronics, Process Control, Measurement

Fastron Electronics

Fastron Electronics is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in supplying Components, Products and Solutions to the Energy Monitoring, Power Electronics, Process Control and Electrical Instrumentation markets.

- Fastron are importers, manufacturers and electrical/electronic design/development and systems engineers.

- Our aim is to select the most suitable components, products or engineered solutions to meet and potentially exceed our customers requirements in an unbiased and professional manner.

- Custom solutions broadly related to the Energy Monitoring, Power Electronics, Process Control and Electrical Instrumentation markets are regularly undertaken. All enquiries are most welcome.

- Over the years Fastron has actively been involved in improving the reliability and energy efficiency of power conversion equipment and temperature and electric heating controls.

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In overview, Fastron can supply a wide range of Power Electronics, Process Control, Electrical Instrumentation and Energy Monitoring products and solutions, providing applications advice and custom designs to your requirements.
We are sole Distributor, Wholesaler and Online Retailer for key manufacturers including; LEM(Current and Voltage Sensors), Crydom(Sold State Relays), Sensata(Pressure Transducers, Encoders), IXYS(Semicondutors), Westcode(Semicondutors), Shinko(Temperature Controllers), Infineon(Semicondutors), Crouzet Automation(Nano PLC, Timers, Monitoring Relays), Proton Elextrotex(Semicondutors), Dynex(Semicondutors), Hind Rectifers(Semicondutors), Schurter(EMC Filters, IEC Inlets, Pulse Transformers), Magnelab(Rogowski Coils), Relequick(Solid State Relays), RTR Energia(PFC Equipment), Iskra Systemi(kWh Meters,Transducers,PFC Equipment), Northern Design(kWh Meters), Powersem(Bridge Rectifiers), Itelcond Capacitor(Electrolytic Caps), LeClanche Capacitor(Snubbber, DC Link Caps), Enerpro(SCR Controllers), Sanrex, Varsi(Varistors, Gas Discharge Tubes), MS Power(Semicondcutors), Sanrex(Semicondcutors), Pada Engineering(Heat sink, Water Coolers), Rishabh Instruments(Meters, CT's), Trent(Fuses, Solid State Relays), Alish(Meters)

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