How green is your gearbox?

Supplier: Sumitomo Drive Technologies By: Sumitomo Machinery Corp.
04 April, 2014

Rising energy costs continue and concerns about global warming are at the forefront of today's news.

As a result, we as individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the cost of energy and we are being introduced to a variety of methods and/or products that will minimise the impact of these costs.

In industry, power consumption in the manufacturing environment accounts for approximately 1/3 of all energy consumed annually within the United States. In the enclosed gearing industry, questions such as "how efficient is product X" is becoming increasingly common.

Several factors influence how efficiency is lost during operation of the gearbox system. This paper will address some of these factors and it will further provide recommendations/ideas for obtaining a highly efficient gearbox while still taking into consideration application constraints.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies design highly efficient gearboxes.

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