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How to repair potholes, utility cuts and damaged asphalt the easy way

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20 April, 2016

There's an easy way to repair damaged asphalt in driveways, shopping centre carparks, school yards, industrial yards and caravan parks that is affordable and permanent.

It's so easy, in fact, that this three step process is becoming an increasingly popular solution for everyone looking to repair damaged asphalt or prevent further damage to driveways, carparks and other asphalt areas.

QPR permanent pavement repair comes in 15kg bags and pails that make the job simple and fast. We bet even your kids could do it. Just clean out the area that needs repairing, open the bag or pail, and tip the QPR into the damaged section. Then compact with a hand held tamp or a mallet. If it's in an area that can be accessed by a car, run your tyres over it a few times to compact the material (not for kids, this part!). And the job's done.

Your repaired pothole is ready for action. No drying or curing time. Over the following weeks, continued weight and movement from traffic and passers-by will compact the area even more, preventing water from entering the asphalt and doing further damage.

With winter on its way, fill up your potholes and damaged asphalt before more water gets in and makes it worse. Prevention is better than cure - with QPR, you get prevention AND cure.

For contractors and utility workers, use QPR to fill utility cuts and other sections of asphalt or concrete damaged on the job. Prevent trip hazards and protect your insurance premiums.

Order QPR permanent pavement repair online for delivery to your door (or pothole).

We would love to see a photo of the finished job! Show us your good work and post your QPR pothole repair photos on our Facebook page.

© Earthco Projects 2016