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ICP Electronics

ICP Electronics Australia Pty Ltd are the Master Distributors for IEI Technology Inc. and ICP DAS Co. Ltd. ICP Electronics Australia is a wholly Australian owned company and provides the Australian market with a high standard of industrial computer, networking and data acquisition and control products, customer service and technical support at a competitive price.

ICP Electronics Australia supplies a range of highly reliable industrial computer products. These products include Single Board Computers, Embedded Boards, LCD Displays, Panel PCs, Embedded Systems, 19" Rackmount Servers, Rugged Tablet PCs, Rugged PDAs, Vehicle Computers, Mobile Computers, Compact Wall/Panel-mount Systems, PC/104 Modules, Solid State Disks and Modules, Workstations, Industrial Power Supplies, Communication Boards, Backplanes, Data Acquisition, Communications, Networking and Control products, and Distributed I/O Modules.

ICP Electronics Australia provides Industrial Computer Components and Complete Embedded PC Solutions to Manufacturers, OEMs, IT, Digital Signage, Telecommunications, Manufacturng, Mining, Food Technology, Field Services, Defence, Servers, Government and Transport.

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ICP Electronics Australia was established in 2000 to provide a comprehensive range of Industrial Computer Hardware to the Australian market.

ICP has a dedicated sales team ready to respond to your requirements, whether that be a simple quote of a custom system design. The team will try their best to meet your needs.

ICP has a comprehensive website and always has the latest product catalogue available to their customers.

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