Jabac's solutions for the mining industry

Supplier: Jabac
20 March, 2013

Jabac and Brady are working together to help the mining industry with compliance.

We are developing easy-to-follow lockout tagout procedures with products to suit.

Our first aid kits and products are user friendly and adaptable. We have the widest range of safety signs to suit almost every situation.

Every year countless workers are killed or injured due to the unintentional release of hazardous energy sources. Numerous incidents could have been prevented with a clearly documented Lockout Tagout procedures and appropriate warning signage.

Check out our Lockout Tagout solutions here

Jabac has a versatile range of first aid kits to suit the mining industry. We know how important it is to be prepared for emergencies. We have first aid kits in bags and carry cases for a grab and go portable option. We also have large wall mount cabinets for an on-site option.

View our First Aid kit options and find out what's best for your workplace

Warn and alert employees of possible dangers and potential hazards ahead with our safety signs. We also supply high quality custom made safety signs if you need something special.

See our guide to choosing the right signage for every situation

If you would like a copy of our catalogue, contact us and send your details.