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Knight Pneumatics

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Knight Pneumatics

We supply Enclosure/Cabinet Coolers, Vortex Tubes, Cold Air Guns, Personal Air Conditioners, Curtain Transvectors, Round Transvectors, and a range of Blowoff Nozzles. Other products include a range of Compressed Air Dryers, Vent Dryers, Filtration, Vacuum Cups, Blow/Vacuum Guns, Drum Pumps and a full range of Desiccants.

Knight Pneumatics are the Australian agent for Vortec products and hold stocks for immediate despatch. The range of Enclosure Coolers are a low cost, low maintenance, easy to install option for cooling down any type of enclosure. Utilising compressed air and the Vortex principle, cold air is purged into the cabinet keeping controls cool and also keeping a positive pressure to keep contaminants out.

Vicas vacuum cups are held for immediate despatch with replacements available for any existing vacuum cup you may be currently using. Manufactured from vinyl, oil resistant vinyl, urethane or silicone and available in soft and hard compounds with many styles, including standard concave, bellows and oblong. Our Drum Vent Dryers keep contents in drums free from moisture contamination. Oz-air Blow/Vacuum Guns and Drum Pumps are the ideal tools for workshop clean-up.

Knight Pneumatics has been supplying Innovative Compressed Air Components since 1989.

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