Printing Industry: why dry ice cleaning?

Supplier: Cryonomic
15 October, 2012

The printing Industry broadly recognises dry ice cleaning as the most efficient and fastest method for cleaning printing presses and equipment.

These include: Drums, grippers and rollers, side walls and ink trays, gears, print decks and guides, delivery units and feeders, conveyors, gluers, and paper converting equipment.

The benits of using dry ice cleaning include: A method significantly faster and more efficient compared to any other cleaning system, dry and non-abrasive cleaning; absolutely no wear to cleaned surfaces increasing the life of all cleaned objects, machinery and equipment; guarantee of fast and high quality cleaning results, ecological & economic: dry ice leaves no trace and does not create any additional waste to be processed; and a significant increase in productivity due to reduced production stops resulting from cleaning without disassembly/reassembly or cooling down.


“Dry ice cleaning is definitely the only viable and sensible option for cleaning printing presses... CRYONOMIC has proven to be more efficient, reliable, ergonomic and highly economical. ”

Source: Interview with Mr. M, General Manager of N. (Nov. 25th, 2009)

“As specialists in cleaning printing presses since 1996 we consider ourselves one of the world leaders. Most of our clients are traders in used equipment but we also have customers in the industry where we are asked to clean presses on site as well. For our activity dry ice cleaning is definitely the only viable and sensible option. Its efficiency and speed can simply not be matched by any other method. A complete used printing tower can be cleaned in just one day. Build-up of ink and grease on rollers, guides, gears, no problem... we clean even the most vital parts.

Since the dry ice cleaning process is the heart of our business activity, we have to have 100% confidence in the equipment we use. No place for improvising or compromises. We chose CRYONOMIC machines that have proven to be more efficient, reliable, ergonomic and highly economical, an important factor knowing that we clean on an almost permanent basis and have several machines running simultaneously.

In our business we need to be, and stay competitive. You may say that CRYONOMIC has really contributed to our company’s growth and success. ”