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Pryme Australia

Pryme Australia is a leading manufacturer and manufacturers representative of a range of high quality products for use in industrial, safety, automotive, plumbing, electrical, hardware and janitorial cleaning supplies markets. Our products and brands, including Ergodyne®, Stoko®, Sqwincher®, Allegro®, Drink!® and Camelbak®, are recognised market leaders and we provide strong customer service and technical support. We have an extensive network of approved distributors in the Southern Hemisphere, contact us today to locate your nearest distributor.

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At Pryme Australia, we manufacture and distribute a large range of specialist safety and ergonomic products, in order to keep workers safe, comfortable and productive, whilst on the job. We also act as the Australian brand representative for Sqwincher, Ergodyne, Allegro Industries & Stockhausen Inc. Our warehouse and office is located in Darra, Brisbane. Our products are available through our excellent network of approved distributors in the occupational health & safety industry. Please contact us with your location so we can match you with a distributor in your local area. We are happy to provide you with as much information about our products as possible. We are very happy to take your call or email for more information.

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