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Safety MITS

Safety MITS | Cribbing & Stabilisation

Safety MITS

Safety MITS specialises in innovative maintenance equipment for the mining and earthmoving industries. We supply products across Australia, New Zealand, United States, South America and Asia.

Drawing on an experienced background in maintenance and coal industries, the Safety MITS team brought to the market the world’s first and only remote controlled belly plate jack, TED. Having worked in a range of maintenance tasks in the industry, the Safety MITS team created their business around a culture of eliminating risks and reducing injuries and fatalities by providing innovative safe technology.

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All of SafetyMITS’ products have been developed in compliance with Australian and New Zealand industry standards, which are some of the strictest in the world. In addition to TED, which comes with a range of additional attachments and upgrades to suit different uses, SafetyMITS also provides aluminium work platforms and high density plastic cribbing and chocking blocks.

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