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SBH Solutions

SBH Solutions is an Australian company whose interest is in improving its customers’ bottom-line performance through reduction in energy intensity in the following areas:

- Intermediate Bulk Containers, where our particular expertise is the manufacture or distribution of folding pallet footprint containers used for food, light chemicals, and for logistics and storage.

- Heating of Intermediate Bulk Containers, Grease pods and all manner of drums and cylinders, both for winter warming and process heating.

- Efficient warehouse and factory Space Heating and industrial Process Heating using Short-wave Infra-red heaters.

- Environmental temperature control – using natural processes to reduce energy requirements, especially for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration.

SBH Solutions also distributes a range of accessories and consumables in its chosen areas of expertise. Liquid liners from Sealed Air Entapack and IBC and drum mixers from Euromixers are available to suit customer needs.

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Over the years we have chosen partners to widen out our range from the very best suppliers worldwide, so this allows us to offer and advise customers about a wide range of options, or to design bespoke solutions. For instance, our partnership with world leading industrial heating company LMK Thermosafe combined with a robust design methodology allows us quickly to develop heating solutions that are unique and bespoke, with a number of heating applications like these now in Australia and South East Asia. Similarly, our partnership with CIMC benefits customers by adding the capabilities of a premier intermediate bulk container manufacturer to our team’s know-how.

Our most recent moves have seen us introduce energy saving products. Ecomesh is aimed at utilising natural processes to heat or cool the working environment. In partnership with PCM Products and Ecomesh Adiabatic Systems we are developing a range that will undoubtedly reduce energy costs in commercial applications, sometimes with less than six months payback. In a similar vein, we have partnered with world leading space heating specialist Star Progetti to introduce their short wave infra-red products which aim at reducing heating bills by only heating people and processes and not the air in between. This has the potential to provide significant savings as we aim to help reduce our customers' energy intensity.

A “solutions based” approach underpins what we do at SBH Solutions and it is this reason that we are trusted by the cream of businesses, although our ethos means that all business however small is important to us, and we treat all our customers with the same level of engagement. We are based in Adelaide from where we service the whole of Australia, with many projects carried out in our broader geographic region including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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