Suhner's new LFC 10 Saw and File

Supplier: Suhner
14 February, 2013

Suhner has recently added another special item to its catalogue of compressed air devices: the LFC 10 Saw, which can also be used as a file.

After market research pointed the way, our in-house engineering department was able to develop a tool which stands out for its strength in relation to required air volumes: 220 W against just 260 l/min. Other compressed air devices with similar power require almost twice as much air.

Another irresistible feature is its continuously adjustable stroke: The user has the option of selecting from 4mm to 10mm. This is combined with the option of employing three different tool holders: 3, 4 (standard) and 6mm.
But that's not all - the device can also be used with lap tools, thus opening up a wide array of applications in the area of tool and die production. The LFC 10 is immediately available and is documented by an informative product information sheet, which can be requested from: Suhner Abrasive Expert AG.