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Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Wholesale Safety Storage Australia | Dangerous Goods Storage, Drum Bunds & Spill Pallet

Wholesale Safety Storage Australia

Wholesale Safety Storage Australia is an authorised distributor to one of the largest and most reputable health & safety equipment manufacturers in Australia. We are a 100% owned and operated local business, supporting Australian manufacturing.

Our products that display "Australian Made" are not imported and assembled in Australia. They are manufactured in Australia. This makes up over 90% or our product range.

The various products we offer include: Dangerous Goods Storage, Aerosol & Gas Storage, Drum Bunds & Spill Pallets, Spill Kits & Spill containment solutions.

Our business model allows us to deliver goods from the production line direct to the end users door. This gives us a highly competitive edge in our pricing model.

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Unsecured dangerous goods can be a risk to your staff, your neighbours, the environment, and your business.

The risk to your business includes both physical damage to property or stock in the event of an accident; and having unsecured dangerous goods can also come with hefty financial costs.

Our dangerous goods storage solutions are made in Australia, for Australian conditions, and are therefore guaranteed to meet Australian Standards.

While securing your business, you are also supporting local manufacturing jobs, and the local economy.

We deliver Australia wide from distribution centres in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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