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Top Clutch & Brake Suppliers

Hysteresis Brakes & Clutches
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Quality permanent magnetic tensioning devices for pay-off and torque limiting. Currently on offer are 17 product lines ranging from 0.04 in/oz to 140 in/lbs.
Supplier: CGB Precision Products
03 9775 11..
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Customers: BAE, Varley, Ruag, ADF, DSTO, CSIRO
MSL 896 | Safop (ITALY) New Double Clutch and Spare Parts
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Price Guide: $4,000
Supplier: Misal Technologies
03 9876 52..
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Clutch/Clutches - Brakes - Air - Mechanical
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We provide a wide range of Clutches and brakes for a variety of applications.
Supplier: Specialised Air Motors & Transmission
02 9607 41..
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Clutch Plates
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Clutch Plates are available from 25 mm dia. to 1 m dia. These plates are used in all multi plate clutch units, operated by mechanical, electromagnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic systems.
Supplier: Keith Price Machine Tools
07 3820 86..
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Disengage Clutch
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The Airdrill Disengage Drive Clutch is a unique patented device, which is installed between an engine and any driven item.
Supplier: Air Drill
08 9334 59..
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Clutches and Collars
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A standard range of friction clutches and clamp collars available.
Supplier: Reliance Precision Australia
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Capson Chucks and Clutches
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Chucks to suit all cap shapes and sizes. Clutches are available in both friction and magnetic.
Supplier: Capson Australia
03 9798 66..
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Fan Clutch | Horton DriveMaster
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With over 50 years in business and more than three million fan drives in service, Horton continues to demonstrate its dedication to innovation, service and durability every day.
Supplier: Norman G. Clark
03 9116 92..
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Telcomec pneumatic toothed clutch
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Telcomec pneumatic toothed clutch, 1 of 6 units.
Supplier: All Torque Transmissions
-03 9480 1566..
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Thiele Concrete Lifting Clutch
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Lifting Eyes are a versatile unit for lifting pre-cast concrete products such as construction panels, pipes, and columns.
Supplier: Hoisting Equipment Specialists
1300 792 4..
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Clutch & Brake Insights

Find 10 Clutch & Brake in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

The cost of listed Clutch & Brake is approximately $4,000.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Clutch & Brake on IndustrySearch are CGB Precision Products, Misal Technologies.