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Top Flow Switch Suppliers

Thermal Flow Switch | FLT93L
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Engineers at natural gas liquids (NGL) fractionation processing facilities will find the Fluid Components International FLT93L Thermal Flow Switch to be a highly reliable solution for process relief valve leak monitoring.
Supplier: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration
03 9017 82..
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Customers: BHP, Santos, Shell, Australian Navy, Coca Cola, CSL, ANSTO, Rio Tinto, FMG, Oil Search
FF 81P/91P/84 Liquid Flow Switches | Fantini Cosmi
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The FF 81P/91P/84 Liquid Flow Switches are suitable for the control of fluid in pipes sized up to 10″.
Supplier: Mechtric
08 9248 041..
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Wika Flow Switches | FSD-30
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For liquid media applications, WIKA has developed the new model FSD-3 electronic flow switch with digital display, switching and analogue outputs for flow, temperature and diagnostics.
Supplier: WIKA Australia
02 8845 52..
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Customers: Oil & Gas, Hydraulics, Waste Water, Food&B
High Pressure Paddle Flow Switch | FS-550
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Designed for installation in pipe lines from 1-1/4” and up, Gems standard FS-550 switches sense liquid flow in either direction to monitor flow/no-flow conditions.
Supplier: Zedflo Australia
08 9302 12..
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Customers: Oil/Gas, Process, Mining & Chemical industries.
Paddle Flow Switches - FS8
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Features of Paddle Flow Switches - Reed & Microswitch - Weatherproof Paddle Type
Supplier: Control Components
02 9542 89..
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Customers: ADF, Snowy Hydro, RioTinto, Energy Australia, OEM
ACS FS4SK Calorimetric Flow Switch / Transmitter
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ACS FS4SK Calorimetric Flow Switch is for monitoring and control of flow and temperatures in liquids.
Supplier: Autech Control Group
03 9544 07..
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Customers: Automation, Electrical, Solar and Instrumentation
Thermal Flow Switch | BFS100
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Thermal Flow Switch BFS100
Supplier: Zenith Controls Pty Ltd
(02) 8593 87..
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Harwil | Flow Switch | Model Q1
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The Model Q1 Flow Switch is designed for extreme, long-term reliability. .
Supplier: Pryde Measurement
1800 688 2..
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GHM Group FW1 Piston Inline Flow Switch
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FW1 Piston Inline Flow Switch
Supplier: Practical Control Solutions
03 9720 45..
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Level and Flow Switches | LINC-282 Pneumatic Level Switch
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The LINC-282 Pneumatic Level Switch is used as a level control or as a high or low level alarm.
Supplier: International Chemicals Engineering
03 9792 48..
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Flow Switch Insights

Find 10 Flow Switches in Melbourne, Perth & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Flow Switches on IndustrySearch are AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, WIKA Australia, Mechtric, Control Components, Autech Control Group, Zedflo Australia.