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Top Pressure Switch Suppliers

Pressure Switches from Bestech Australia
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Bestech has introduced the pressure switch model AST1000 from AST, USA. These high quality all stainless steel pressure switches are designed for the measurement of gases and liquids that are compatible with stainless steel.
Supplier: Bestech Australia
03 9540 51..
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Customers: Auto/Transport, Defence,Water/Wastewater, Research
Telemecanique Sensors Pressure Switch | 9012GAW5
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Telemecanique Sensors Air, Hydraulic Oil, Non-Corrosive Gas, Non-Corrosive Liquids Differential Pressure Switch,
Price Guide: $946
Supplier: RS Components
1300 656 6..
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Customers: Servicing Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Resources, Education, Engineering and more
Wika Pressure Switches EExd & Intrinsically Safe
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WIKA Australia complement their pressure products with the Ettore Cella range of pressure switches.
Supplier: WIKA Australia
02 8845 52..
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Customers: Oil & Gas, Hydraulics, Waste Water, Food&B
Control Pressure Switches | MDR43 & MDR53
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Control pressure switches represent a special group within pressure switches. These devices are especially suitable for monitoring and controlling purposes.
Supplier: Ross Brown Sales
02 8855 17..
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Customers: CAPS Australia, BP, Exxon Mobil, Sandvik,Rio Tinto
BinMaster Standard Diaphragm Pressure Switch BM-45
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The BM45 is a pressure switch that provides simple, low cost point level control with proven, lasting reliability.
Supplier: Pacific Sensor Technologies Pty Ltd
1300 662 7..
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Customers: Pfizer, CSIRO, ANSTO, Rio Tinto, In-Vitro, Device Technologies, Australian Universities
General Purpose Pressure Switches | Neo-Dyn
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A range of pressure switches suited to almost any process application. Using Neo-Dyn’s unique Belleville spring design, these adjustable range switches are suitable for high vibration applications.
Supplier: Zedflo Australia
08 9302 12..
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Customers: Oil/Gas, Process, Mining & Chemical industries.
ITT Industrial Vacuum Pressure Switch
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ITT Neo-Dyn 142P vacuum & compound pressure switch with internal adjustment
Supplier: Control Components
02 9542 89..
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Customers: ADF, Snowy Hydro, RioTinto, Energy Australia, OEM
GEMÜ Pressure Monitoring Transducer and Pressure Switch | 3140
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GEMÜ's new 3140 series pressure gauges facilitate precision measuring across a wider range of pressures and temperatures. It's designed for both liquid and gaseous media.
Supplier: Gemu Australia
02 4323 44..
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Customers: CSL, Behring, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer
Electronic Pressure Switch
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The Electronic Pressure Switch combines the advantages of the general purpose pressure series with the switch functionality.
Supplier: Slentech
03 9837 52..
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Customers: Industrial Power Plants, Food Industry, Mining, Oil and Gas and Water Plants
Ruelco High / Low Pressure Switch
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The Ruelco High/ Low Pressure Switch Assembly is a fully function safety system in a small compact package. It combines the pressure switches together in a pneumatic circuit to provide protection against a rise or drop in process pressure
Supplier: Trident Australia
08 9456 13..
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Pressure Switch Insights

Find 10 Pressure Switches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

The cost of listed Pressure Switches is approximately $946.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Pressure Switches on IndustrySearch are Bestech Australia, RS Components, Ross Brown Sales, WIKA Australia, Pacific Sensor Technologies Pty Ltd, Control Components, Gemu Australia, Zedflo Australia, Slentech, Trident Australia.