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Air Knife System - Compare & Buy

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<p>Find and buy air knife systems from verified suppliers on IndustrySearch. An air knife blows a stream of laminar air flow on products moving on conveyors for a wide range of applications.&nbsp;</p> <p>Things to consider when buying an air knife:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Know your application</strong> - A variety of air knives is available, covering a multitude of applications such as drying, dust or debris removal, cooling, contactless pneumatic scraping and static charge elimination.</li> <li><strong>Choose between compressed air or blower type</strong> - Compressed air powered knives are easier to install and have a small form factor. Electrically powered blower type air knives require only power to operate but are larger than their compressed air counterparts.</li> <li><strong>Consider specialized application requirements</strong> - These include health &amp; safety factors such as low dBA noise levels, specialized materials of manufacture such as 316 stainless steel and low air consumption requirements.</li> </ul> <p><br />Contact our vendors for a free quote or expert advice on air knives. Delivery available Australia wide.</p>