Instant membership cards in your control

Supplier: PPC - ID Card Printer Solutions
23 February, 2012

The current cost of card printers has put them within reach of every licensed club.

For around the price of the average laptop computer, your club can now have the convenience and improved security of issuing its own plastic membership cards. Not only do these cards allow you to produce instant photo ID for new members, they also open up new possibilities for marketing and membership loyalty programs.

You can adapt the cards to your specific needs by incorporating bar codes or magnetic strips that allow you to award loyalty points, offer discounts at the bar or even load with credit for playing the pokies. By printing in your club colours and incorporating your logo, you can create prestigious cards that members will be proud of and that reflect your club’s brand. Of course they are also a more secure way to prevent under-age drinking and to ensure people at the door are who they claim to be. It’s the simple and professional way to manage membership.

Encourage greater expenditure

By allowing you to easily identify members and record points on their card, plastic membership cards can be used for new loyalty and marketing initiatives.

For instance:

  • Award points for introducing a new member – to be redeemed against meals or wine
  • Track all the member’s expenditure or number of visits and give rewards when targets are reached
  • Give discounts on all food and drink when a certain level of expenditure is reached
  • Give special benefits for members when they reach one-year, two year, five-year and ten-year marks
  • Arrange for local retailers to give your members a discount

PPC’s proven card printers are durable, compact and easy to use.

Linked to your computer and an ordinary digital camera, they allow you issue photo ID cards instantly. With user friendly software for a Windows environment, the whole process is simple, integrates with your computer records and can be learnt in five minutes by staff.

Our printers are also compatible with a wide range of club management software packages including Wildcat, Odyssey, Aristocrat, Centaman, Computer Magic, Pulse, Ebet, Clubline, King Street and Konami, Power Golf, Micropower, Bluize, Centaman. Join the many clubs that are enhancing their ID security and encouraging expenditure through loyalty programs. Contact us today to find out more about the possibilities with PPC card printers.