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Testo Australia

Testo Australia - Leading manufacture of state of the art measuring technology

Testo Pty Ltd (Australia) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Testo SE & CO.KGaA, a manufacturer of quality measuring instruments. Testo have a large range of instruments that measure temperature for the food industry, such as food thermometers, temperature data loggers, "saveris" the wireless temperature monitoring system, all of testo thermometers are quality digital instruments.

For the HVAC industry testo has pressure gauges and refrigerant manifolds, testo also have a large range of hygrometers and humidity meters, these can be used to monitor conditions in Clean rooms & Laboratories. Testo have a large range of Gas monitors & Gas leak Detectors such as carbon monoxide detectors & CO2 Detectors Testo also have a range of thermal imaging cameras, testo`s infrared cameras range from basic models right up to professional thermal imaging camera.

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Are you looking for a reliable state of the art user-friendly measuring instrument for your business? Testo has a wide range of instruments to suit every budget and this makes Testo the preferred and trusted brand when it comes to choosing the ideal measuring instrument for everyday use.

At Testo we are always looking for innovative solutions in order to provide our customers with state of the art ground breaking instruments.

Testo is synonym for quality and is widely used in the following industries, HVAC&R, Food, Health & Pharmaceuticals, Preventative maintenance, Emission & Environment Monitoring.

Professional measurement systems

Our digital measuring instruments are designed with user friendly features which guarantees to enhance customer experience and productivity.

Get started now and set standards in terms of accuracy, efficiency and user-friendliness with Testo’s digital measuring instruments and measurement systems

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